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Project Perry is an amazing sanctuary. The director, Matt Smith is 100% committed to the birds and puts their best interests above everything. Their standards of care are very high. They are accredited with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, which oversees standards for animal sanctuaries. Marden's Ark would not exist if it were not for Matt and Kirah, and Project Perry.

To Keep Marden's Ark clean and sanitized we depend on a Daimer Industries® KLEENJET PRO PLUS 300CS :

Daimer Industries We are often asked about non-toxic ways to clean around birds. For Christmas in 2013, we invested in a Daimer Industries® KLEENJET PRO PLUS 300CS. This machine has cut cleaning time down to less than one fourth of what it was using other cleaning methods and it has saved us lots of money in enzymatic cleaners formerly used to remove bird poop and food from cages and play stands. There is also the added benefit of preserving cages, as steam cleaning does not promote rust like washing with a hose and water does. It holds 2 liters of water, which means longer cleaning times between refills and it can be refilled while running so you don't waste time with cooling down and heating up between cleaning. It has three levels of steam, allowing for cleaning even the most stubborn, dried on messes. It is powerful yet easy to use! Highly recommended for cleaning multiple bird cages/stands/perches, and it does a fantastic job on floors, too! It's still going strong despite lots of heavy use!

Our healthy, tasty treats come from:

Christine's Chop Shop Christine's Chop Shop has a variety of quality foods, treats and supplements that our birds love. She uses locally grown ingredients. And not only does she sell wonderful, healthy products but she has a heart of gold and supports many rescues! The birds here at Marden's Ark LOVE her chop, yummy birdie biscuits and Corn Wheels!

For "Plucky" birds, we recommend The Sock Buddy

The Sock Buddy The Sock Buddy is a protective garment made from a sock, that helps protect plucked areas of a bird (most commonly the chest). It was developed by Suzanne Freeman, who sells the kit which comes with detailed instructions on how to make your own at home along with two premade ones, or returning customers can buy more already made Sock Buddies directly from her. She has years of experience and developed it as a solution for her own 'plucky' Cockatoo. Your purchase also allows her to make them available FREE to rescues that need them for plucky birds. *NOTE*: Our "plucky" bird - so far the ONLY one here - is our own pet so we buy the Sock Buddy for her as she is NOT a rescue bird. We use it and highly recommend it to others with birds who pluck. Suzanne also offers fantastic help and support and great instructions - as well as a lot of great general information on good bird care!

We shop for bird supplies online at: LINK REMOVED

Marden's Ark has removed the link as a trusted vendor and is no longer ordering supplies from Windy City Parrot after a VERY bad experience bait-and-switch experience with our last purchase of a climbing net. The net that we received to us was absolutely NOT the one that was pictured on their website. We purchased the net using a link provided by the man who sold us our original net in like-new condition. Since we were extremely happy with the quality of that net, we visited the Windy City Parrot link he gave us to buy another one just like it. After visiting the link and ordering the replacement, we opened the box to find a smelly mess of unevenly twisted rope that felt damp and smelled like wet, oily straw. The ropes were all different diameters and the terminal ends were tied with a very thin twine instead of the knots being frayed into large pom-poms that were on our first net. It took the birds only a few hours to snip the twine and untie most of the end knots. We later found out that even though they had been asked not to use pictures of the StarBird high quality net (by the owner of StarBird - to whom said pictures BELONG), Windy City Parrot was still using the same pictures of the beautiful StarBird nets while substituting a MUCH lower quality net. What we were sold in NO WAY resembled the nets they showed in those pictures. They suppressed our TRUTHFUL negative review that have might enlightened customers to this bait-and-switch. With these facts in mind, we feel it is in our best interest to seek a new source for our purchases and to warn our supporters of these sales tactics. We put this page here to share information on TRUSTED vendors that we have had good dealings with and sadly, Windy City Parrot has since proved that they DO NOT fall into that category. Click HERE to see our post about receiving this net and see pictures.

Our healthy, organic, chemical-free plants, herbs, and garden supplies come from:

Norwood Road Garden Norwood Road Garden was organic before it was "cool" and trendy to be organic! Norwood Road Garden not only has nice, healthy, chemical-free plants, but they also have lots of helpful staff, great information, and fantastic selection! They also have organic compost and organic compost-blended soil. We use their products to ensure our birds are getting wholesome, fresh chemical-free produce from our gardens.

For Candles Used Around Our Birds, We Shop At:

Candleshop Creations Birds have extremely sensitive respiratory systems, and candles made with petroleum based waxes and scents can be harmful. We only use 100% beeswax candles with pure cotton or hemp wicks from Candleshop Creations. The scent of beeswax is mild but warm and relaxing. These candles are hand-made from hand processed beeswax and are safe for use around birds. NOTE: Caution must ALWAYS be used when burning candles near any pet to prevent them from accidently exposing themselves to the heat or flame! Keep the candles themselves away from your pets and children when they are lit. Always use caution when using candles in your home.

For Our NON-AVIAN Companions - The Crockpet Diet! FREE!

Dr. Ruth Roberts -The Original Crockpet Diet Although we spend a LOT of time preparing fresh, human-grade diets for the BIRDS here at Marden's Ark, we also have mammalian residents here - our own "furbabies" as well as rescues and fosters from time to time. They deserve a holistic and natural healthy diet as much as the birds do! I have consulted with Dr. Ruth Roberts regarding the diet for one of our geriatric kitties, Gwyn, and am VERY VERY impressed with the depth of her knowledge. She's developed this INCREDIBLY EASY recipe - The Original Crockpet Diet(TM) and it is available for FREE to anyone who wants it, on either of her websites: DrRuthRoberts.com or SunDogCatMoon.com. Just enter your email address and they send you a link to download the diet along with detailed instructions. There are videos on the sites showing how to prepare the diet and it really is very simple to make. I signed up and they don't spam, they justs send an occasional (I believe monthly, as I have only gotten one so far) email with news and information about pet health. There is a link in each email to quickly unsubscribe if you wish. We do not get any free services or products for hosting this link, nor does it 'click track' visits to their site. We are simply sharing information on an excellent vet practice that we have found very helpful in caring for the furry residents here at Marden's Ark!

About These Links

Check back soon! More links will appear! We are continuing to compile a list of trusted vendors and businesses who have a proven record of good customer service in order to help other bird owners when shopping for needs for their flocks! Please check our links as more will be added as we get them! DISCLAIMER: THESE LINKS ARE *NOT* ADVERTISEMENTS! We have not asked for anything in return for placing these links! They don't generate "clicks" for money. We don't get a commission. These are just our personal customer testimonials, letting you know who we trust to provide the things we need to care for our flock!

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