A Safe Place to Land


Yellow Naped Amazon - Honey

This bird once belonged to a couple, bought by the husband for the wife on their honeymoon - hence the name Honey. He was rehomed when they found they were expecing a baby. The current owner is moving and is unable to take the birds with her so they will be coming here to Marden's Ark.  

Goffin Cockatoo - Casper

This poor bird was taken to a wildlife refuge after being brought in when found as a lost pet. The wildlife refuge could not keep her so she was given to her current owner. The current owner cannot keep her birds so they are being transferred to Marden's Ark.  

Lesser Sulfur-crested Cockatoo - Jojo

UPDATE - Jojo never made it to the vet appointment. On Tuesday, March 3, he appeared very calm and even happy as I spent time with him before going to work. He'd eaten all of his breakfast and most of his dry mix. I returned home from work to find him at the bottom of the cage. Necropsy results indicated that the lump below his abdomen was a hernia, which at some point in time had become strangulated, causing his death. He has been cremated and returned to be with his owner. Fly free, beautiful Jojo.
Jojo appears to have some health issues and will need immediate vet care. He will be transferred to Marden's Ark and is going to see the vet on Wednesday 3/4/15.  

Medium Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo - Molly

Molly will also be coming to Marden's Ark as the owner can no longer keep her.  

Cockatiel - Pearl Female

This girl has been plucked, by the male, we suspect, but is a sweetheart.  

Cockatiel - Normal Grey Female (bright cheeks)

This gentle girl may have impaired vision but is very calm and sweet.  

Cockatiel - Normal Grey Female (dull cheeks)

This little lady is a bit less trusting but is still a darling little cockatiel.  

Cockatiel - Normal Grey Male

This is the lone male of the group. He's a bit more skittish than the girls and has some problems perching. We are hoping with good diet and sunlight he will get stronger.  

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We are taking a huge leap of faith in rescuing these birds but it's something we feel we must do. They were facing euthansia for lack of a place to go and we didn't want to see that happen. We are working very hard to get these birds the care that they need.