There are TWO forms on this page. Please complete both of them. The first form is to legally transfer ownership. The second form, however, provides us with extra information that may be important to the care of your bird and to help them successfully transition to their new home.

Please keep in mind, our current costs for disease tests PER BIRD or PER CAGE if birds have lived together for an appropriate length of time, is a MINIMUM of $45 for the test (lab fee). If we need a blood sample for labs, that will cost us $22.40 for a lab blood draw if we are not having other bloodwork done at the time, and we also have to pay Priority Mail fees to send the samples to the lab. We get no subsidies or funding from any government agency, nor are we reimbursed for care of any of the birds who are placed here by any agency. We rely solely on donations and fundraising to help us in caring for the birds placed in our care. 

If you cannot donate at this time, please consider doing one of the following:

  • Volunteering – we can ALWAYS use help with the work of caring for the birds
  • Fundraising – there are many creative ways to raise funds including asking friends and family to donate in lieu of holiday gifts, approaching your employer to ask about holding a “fun”raiser where employees can buy special privileges like wearing jeans to work on a Friday in return for a small donation to our organization.
  • Social media promotion – the more people who see our posts and events, the more chances of connecting with donors. We do two scheduled auctions during the year – in April and in November, as well as various “flash” auctions that occur when urgent needs arise. Just by liking our page, liking our posts and sharing our events, you can help us reach more people and raise more funds. Consider doing a “birthday fundraiser” on Facebook. Every penny raised goes solely to benefit the birds as no one gets paid to work here.


FOR OWNERS SURRENDERING MULTIPLE BIRDS -- PLEASE LIST YOUR NAME ON EACH FORM - contact details are only required for the first form for the first bird. You do not need to fill out the address, city, state, zip, phone and email details more than once but please make sure this information is correct and complete on the FIRST form AND make sure your name is identical on all forms so that we can match them all together.
Please enter free text above explaining reason(s) for wanting to place your bird at our sanctuary.
Please include color, unusual markings, identifying details
Please type your full legal name and phone number in the box below indicating your agreement with the information stated above. Signer's IP address and other information may be stored and used to establish signer's identity.
Please type your full legal name and phone number to indicate agreement with legal statement above.


Please complete one form for each bird unless all information is identical
Please enter bird's hatch date or approximate age if hatch date is unknown
Please list or describe foods your bird eats
If your bird has seen multiple veterinarians, please list them and their contact information below this section.
Below please describe how much of each day is spent with each of the above.
Please use the field below to explain