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Compassionate Care
We believe every life is sacred, and the tiniest budgie deserves the same love and care as a macaw.
Five "F" Needs
Birds living in captivity need and deserve: Fresh food, Flight, Foraging opportunities, Flock, and Freedom to be themselves.
Food is Medicine
Food can support health or destroy it. We believe in focusing on fresh, natural and living foods instead of over-processed and convenient.
Serving Others
We have some lessons to learn from birds - primarily that we are all stronger as a flock, when we work together for the good of the birds we love.

Our Testimonials

Marden's Ark

The loving care given at Marden's Ark is amazing! I am honored to support this terrific rescue!Donna Weidartvia Facebook,
I simply can't say enough good about Marden' s Ark! Dee is simply an amazing woman, and cares so much about not only the birds under her care, but also the birds belonging to other people.Chris Chaffinvia Facebook,
What an amazing place with loving caring people doing a fantastic job!! My beloved Skye is with them, and he loves them!!Debbie Boylevia Facebook,

About Marden's Ark

Changing the world for companion birds, one heart, one mind, one bird at a time.

Marden's Ark was incorporated in the state of North Carolina on April 4, 2014 and we received our Letter of Designation as a 501(c)(3) non-profit on July 25, 2014. Since that day, we have taken in birds needing shelter and care, worked to educate people on the complex needs and realities of living with companion birds, assisted families with difficulties in keeping their birds, helped solve relationship issues between human families and their birds, and advocated for continual improvement in standards of care for companion birds.

What We're Talking About

Evidence-based Best Practices for Love, Care and Feeding of Companion Birds


Natural Anti-Inflammatories

Usually we think of certain foods as “vegetables” or “spices” or “seasonings.” Sometimes, we tend to categorize them according to taste, rather than what they bring to the table in terms of


Eating healthy means eating “clean” – foods that are free of chemical pesticides and other harmful toxins used in commercial farming. Sometimes it’s hard to find food you can feel good about

But I Don’t Have the TIME!

One of the arguments we often hear for resorting to manufactured foods is “But I don’t have the TIME to do all that food prep and cooking for my birds!” We get
By : DeAnna Hicks, Director of Care | Feb 25, 2020


There are many people who find sprouting intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sprouts are a healthy option for your birds’ diet and are easy to prepare with a

What about “Pet Food”?

In years past, the concept of what to feed a companion parrot was typically limited to bags of “bird seed” mixes of dubious ingredients and quality. Most were “animal feed” grade offerings,

Keep it clean!

Let’s start out by discussing aseptic technique. What is that? Well, it means, without germs. Aseptic technique eliminates as many pathogens (illness-causing organisms) as possible. Why is that important? When you are

In Season?

What do we mean when we say we feed “in season”? It means we focus on what it ripe now, locally. All spring and summer long, we feed what’s currently ripening as

Buyer Beware – for the sake of your birds

(Author’s note: This blog entry was originally published on March 20, 2017 on our standalone WordPress blog at avianrefuge.wordpress.com – link here – however since launching our new website, we have integrated
By : DeAnna Hicks, Director of Care | Jul 25, 2018

Help! My bird won’t eat fresh foods!

We hear this quite often from those who have tried feeding fresh food only to have it completely ignored. Our first answer is: “Don’t give up!” Persistence is important, but probably even
By : DeAnna Hicks, Director of Care | Jun 20, 2018

What’s in store?

Coming up – We will have posts on sprouting, posts on dehydrating, posts on baking healthy for birds, posts on quick shortcuts that still enable you to feed a healthy diet of
By : DeAnna Hicks, Director of Care | Jun 17, 2018

Feeding the Flock, Chapter Two – The HOW

Our goal sounds simple: to provide proper nutrition for captive parrots. We’ve already covered why we don’t view manufactured pellets as an option. But how else can we provide “complete nutrition”? Before
By : DeAnna Hicks, Director of Care | Apr 16, 2018

Feeding the Flock, Chapter One – the WHY

The bar has long hung very low in feeding companion animals. The “animal feed industry” has commonly been the profitable place to dump waste from human food processing. Ingredients like “wheat middlings”
By : DeAnna Hicks, Director of Care | Apr 14, 2018
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