Eating healthy means eating “clean” – foods that are free of chemical pesticides and other harmful toxins used in commercial farming. Sometimes it’s hard to find food you can feel good about eating from a supplier you can trust.

Since September of last year, we have been buying a lot of the food for the birds from a company called Azure Standard, or just Azure. Recently we found they have an affiliate program that allows us to share a link that lets us earn credit on our account towards future orders.

Would I recommend this company if we weren’t an “affiliate”? Absolutely, and I have recommended them to friends. It’s a great way to shop, because their system of “drops” saves SO much on shipping. With many companies, the shipping costs – especially of perishable foods – can rival the cost of the products. This is NOT the case with Azure. They have monthly delivery routes with drops, and they are expanding in to more and more areas. If you have your items shipped to a “drop” you are splitting the cost of the shipping with all the other folks along the route! This brings the shipping costs WAY down!

We add green peas to the pigeons’ dry food mix.

For example, our recent order has 8 bags, well over 100 lbs. of products, and the shipping cost was just $18.03. You read that right – LESS than 20 dollars to ship over 100 lbs of products from Oregon to North Carolina! We order once per month, and about a week later, we meet up with the others in our “drop” at a predetermined location to unload our products from a semi-truck. It’s easy and saves us SO much money.

They have so much to choose from including all kinds of grains, fresh ingredients like flours, flavorings, pastas, rice, oils, and much more. They have frozen foods, fresh produce and even eggs! There’s no membership fee, sign-up is simple, they don’t spam you or sell your information, and there’s no contract or minimum to buy.

Use this link: to shop for healthy food AND help us earn food for the birds here at Marden’s Ark!

If you want to source CLEAN and HEALTHY foods for your family, have them delivered to your door – or to a drop to save even more money – AND help Marden’s Ark earn credit toward the foods they purchase for the birds, use this link:

We will appreciate your support, and your body and your health will appreciate the clean foods you get! from Azure! Definitely check out their “About” page to understand who they are and why we trust them to provide some of the healthiest and freshest foods we can find for the birds.

About Azure:

Their history:

Their core values:

Their product standards:

Once you check out their website, we are sure you will see why they are one of our favorite vendors and why we trust them to provide ingredients for foods we feed the birds at Marden’s Ark and ingredients that go in to our Littles Grassland Blend.

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